5 Lingerie Brands I Want to Try in 2015

Its not going to shock anyone when I say this, but I have a pretty extensive lingerie collection. While some of my purchases do wind up on TLA as lingerie reviews (speaking of which, I plan to get back to doing those soon), the vast majority of what I buy never makes it onto the blog. Rather, I just add it to my general lingerie body of knowledge. That way, when a reader asks me about the fit or quality or customer service of a particular brand or store, I have a well-informed answer to give.

Still, despite my gallery of intimates (yes, Im referring to my underwear like a museum collection), there are a few brands Ive not yet managed to get my hands on. While there are, of course, dozens I want to try, the five names in this article are the ones Im most looking forward to sampling in 2015.

Alexandrea Anissa

alexandrea anissa fawn camisole white

Ive had my eye on Alexandrea Anissa for a few seasons now. While the label does specialize in fairly unstructured garments, like bralettes, theres just something I find very viscerally exciting about this new, indie designer. I see these pieces, and I instantly want themwhich is something I cannot say for every lingerie brand. Alexandrea Anissa also produced one of myВ  favorite lookbooks of 2014. Im excited to see where this label goes, I believe they have that it factor.

Paloma Casile


Paloma Casile is a French lingerie designer that I honestly dont hear much about. I see the brands work often (mostly because I follow them on Instagram), but theyre a rather quiet label. Despite their under-the-radar approach to marketing, Im ecstatic that several high-end lingerie boutiques already carry this brand notably Janes Vanity and Nancy Meyer. Paloma Casiles airy emphasis on lace pushes all the right buttons for me. Theres something I find very classic, yet also very approachable about their body of work. I tend not to be obsessed with French lingerie companies, but Im very much looking forward to trying at least one piece from Paloma Casile soon.

Carine Gilson

carine gilson robe

While Im on the subject of luxury lingerie, lets go ahead and talk about Carine Gilson. Carine Gilson is the most established brand on this list, both in terms of industry longevity and name familiarity. Their work is world-renowned for fitting the highest standards of true luxury lingerie, and their pieces use construction techniques that have been all but phased out of the typical lingerie brand. In fact, I dont believe Ive ever seen a single Carine Gilson piece I didnt like. This is a designer that almost everyone agrees is one of the best in the world. And, for the first time since Ive started blogging about lingerie, I feel like Im knowledgeable enough to truly appreciate their work.

La Lilouche

la lilouche black silk teddy

La Lilouche is an indie designer weve been talking about for years on TLA, and Ive been a solid fan of their innovative designers for just as long. But I think this year is the year I finally commit to buying something. Its very exciting to watch designers Ive known since the very beginning grow and change and develop their unique brand voice, and La Lilouche has a very individualized perspective I dont see from any other label. I have roughly six La Lilouche items saved to my favorites on Etsy right now, and I think its time to buy at least one.

Ewa Michalak

ewa michalak beige bra

Ewa Michalak is the darling of the full bust community, and is perhaps best known for customizing bras in hard-to-find band sizes like 26 and 28. Theyre also famous for their exceptionally size-diverse group of models (showing how the product varies on different body types), and for passionately standing up in their own defense when they feel certain customer complaints are unfair (which can be a shock, particularly if youre used to American-style the customer is always right service) Though Ive known about Ewa Michalak for awhile now, I just havent bitten the metaphorical bullet and tried a set. Yet Ive been visiting their site more often lately, and Im ready to to see what everyone else is raving about.

Are they any lingerie brands youre especially excited about trying this year? Id love to hear! Please share them in the comments.

Author: Cora Harrington

Source: www.thelingerieaddict.com