6 Sports Bras For Full Busted Women

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Have you caught the Olympic fever yet? I dont even have a TV (yeah, I know, Im a luddite) and Ive found myself going to to eat in places that are showing the Olympic events. Theres something addictive about seeing the Olympic athletes strive for perfection like that.

Seeing all of the different events has really inspired me to try some new stuff in my own workouts, and reminded me that I really need to update my sports bra collection. I actually find sports bras to be one of the more difficult subjects to talk about when it comes to full busted lingerie. Not only are the options far more limited for full busted women, but people also tend to make assumptions about why you want one.

If youre on the, ahem, larger end of the full bust spectrum then people tend to assume youre trying to lose weight. If youre on the smaller end, people want to tell you that you dont need to work out. All of these sports bras are great for everything from running a marathon to a once-a-week Zumba class and health is important regardless of body size or type. And yes, having a sports bra that fits definitely falls into the health category.

Here is a quick roundup of the most popular sports bras on the market for full busted women, as well as their pros and cons:

Shock Absorber Level 4:

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This has been my staple sports bra for over a year now. I only switched since I lost weight and gained cup sizes. Its definitely not perfect, but its a great place to start. The bands run tight and it is compression based, so it isnt everyones cup of tea. Its great for working out, but I cant imagine lounging around in it comfortably. In addition, the double set of hooks on the back seems to requireВ contortionistВ training to fasten by yourself. If youre someone who hates any bounce at all or youre a fan of high-impact workouts, this bra should be on your list.

Pros:В Attractive range of colors, no bounce, low price.
Cons:В Potentially uncomfortable compression, difficult to fasten solo.

Panache Sports Bra:

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Panache says this bra will reduce bounce by 83%! It was an instant hit when it came out and is incredibly cute for a sports bra. Ive heard mixed reviews from people who have tried it, but those who are fans swear by it. Its also the most expensive bra on this list.

Pros: Attractiveness
Cons: Price

Elomi Energise Underwired Sports Bra:

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This sports bra is incredibly comfortable and retains that regular bra feel while still stopping bounce when you exercise. Its easy to get on and off by yourself and gives you niceВ separationВ under your workout clothes. Its underwired, which ensures great shape while keeping you supported. The downside is that it starts at a 34 band, so anyone below that wont be able to wear it.

Pros: Small range of colors, comfort, shape
Cons: Limited band sizes

Freya Active Underwire Sports Bra:

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This is another great basic sports bra for your collection. It gets rave reviews from everyone and will support you through almost any type of athletic activity. Its available in all the standard colors plus a black and pink colorway. Id love to see Freya come out with a more adventurous looking version in the future, but for now Im just happy theyre making such a solid style.

Pros: Support
Cons: Limited colors

Royce Impact Free Sports Bra:

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I havent mentioned size ranges before this because every other bra on this list basically covers the same range (D-H/HH, bands starting at 28). However, if youre above an HH cup this bra from Royce is pretty much your only option. Luckily its a really good one. The band runs tight, but its supportive and comfortable. The hooks in the back are covered by velcro, which will curl upwards after repeated trips through the washing machine. Handwash it each time and your back will thank you when youre doing floor exercises.

Pros: Up to a K cup, supportive
Cons: Has issues when machine washed

Enell Sports Bra:

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This is the terminator of sports bras, both in looks and in terms of support. Like the Shock Absorber, it works by seriously compressing your chest. This is a high quality sports bra that will last forever, as long as you dont mind wearing something that looks like body armor! Enells sizing system is also a little weird, so make sure to take your measurements and consult their charts. If youre between sizes, take the smaller one.

Pros: No bounce, longevity
Cons: Looks, sizing system

Have I missed any sports bras that you love? Have you tried any of these? Let me know in the comments!

Author: Holly Jackson

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