7 Beautiful Maternity and Nursing Bra for New Moms

Todays Ask the Addict feature comes courtesy of two Lingerie Addict readers, Janelle and Alice. Heres what they had to say:

Hey there! Any references for nursing bras that arent devastatingly ugly? ~ Janelle

I just adore your site! Its been such a great source of inspiration and information over the past year. But Im pregnant (!) now, and suddenly find that my lovely lingerie collection no longer fits. Can you do a post featuring maternity lingerie? Is there such a thing? Can/should we ever wear lingerie anymore? All I seem to find in my local shops maternity section are the strictly utilitarian sort (white & beige) that I wouldnt want to wear under any circumstances, much less at a wondrous time such as this! Can you also please include information on labels that have plus size maternity lingerie, if any exist? ~ Alice

First of all, congratulations! Though Im not a mother (even though I hope to be one day), I know this is a happy, joyful time for you, and you absolutely deserve happy, joyful lingerie. This is a super-great question, and Im glad you asked it. Its been nearly two years since our last blog post on maternity lingerie so its definitely time for an update.

Todays pregnant and nursing women dont have to be resigned to devastatingly ugly bras or shades of white and beige. There are a quite a few lingerie brands that specialize in maternity and nursing lingerie and several more that produce supplementary maternity and nursing collections.

HotMilk Lingerie and Cake LingerieВ are two of the first and most well-known lingerie companies for pregnant and nursing women. Honestly, when I look at either of their collections, I dont even see maternity lingerie I just see gorgeous lingerie.

Cake Lingerie

HotMilk Lingerie

You! Lingerie and Bella Materna Lingerie also specialize in maternity and nursing bras. I especially love Bella Maternas new Peacock Lace Collection, its so luxurious.

You! Lingerie

Bella Materna

Both Elle Macpherson Intimates and Panache produce maternity/nursing lines as does Figleaves in-house brand, Midnight Grace. You can find all three of these at Figleaves.com.

And if youre a fuller figured woman dont worry! You still have the same great options. HotMilk makes bras up to a 42H and Cake Lingerie makes bras up to a 40M. The smallest size for both brands is 32B so most every woman is covered.

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Author: Cora Harrington

Source: www.thelingerieaddict.com