A Bra Editorial: Start with the (Real) Woman in the Mirror

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I remember the first time I got intimate with my ex-husband, then a young man I had been flirting with for a couple weeks. I was wearing a pair of gray yoga pants and a tight-fitted pink tank top. Boosting my cleavage was a purple Victorias Secret push-up balconette bra that gave me an extra cup size plus a set of gel pads that added even greater volume.

Ill never forget his face after he unhooked my bra. I never asked him what went through his head as an expression of deep confusion took over. Its the face youd see on a little boy opening a box with a photo of a toy truck on it to find that the box only contained a half-eaten hot dog. I managed to distract him quickly but how I felt in that moment sums up my troubled relationship with my boobs. Was I guilty of false advertising?

Fast forward nine years and after more than a decade of purchasing push-up bras (almost exclusively from Vickys), dissatisfaction from poor fit finally forced me to consider alternatives. But leading up to that point, almost as if by compulsion and mostly ignorance I kept buying them as a staple because I had gotten addicted to adding at least a cup size.

Every night when I peeled off my bra, my face changed much like my exs did. No doubt, theres a time and place for push-up bras and shape enhancements, but owning nothing but push-ups really disconnected me from my own body. I couldnt recognize myself without a well-padded bra.

Bravely (by my standards!), I started to wear contour and unlined bras. I reacquainted myself with my figure. Ill be honest. I didnt like it. My inner critic was mean and deprecating. But it felt so right and so empowering. And I felt, just maybe, I was able to love myself the way I am.

Not long after I became comfortable with my new habit, I went shopping at Panty Raid on Hillhurst in Los Feliz. What size are you? asked the owner. 32B. Oh then you can pick any bra! It was a magnificent feeling to be told I wasnt inadequate. In fact, quite the contrary!

I dont know what life is like to be on the other end of the cup size spectrum. From what Ive read, fuller busted ladies face their own set of challenges. We seem to be socialized to believe the grass is always greener on the other side and if someone different than you is considered beautiful, that automatically means you are not. Garbage!

Lets be clear, even though Ive learned to stop wishing I had larger breasts, Im still a boob lover. I can love myself in a 32B while admiring ladies who rock a 36F.

If we can learn to appreciate the bodies weve been given, lingeries role will be to simply adorn what was beautiful to begin with. Self-love and self-acceptance not a piece of garment will always be the only true path to salvation.

Author: Cora Harrington

Source: www.thelingerieaddict.com