Ask the Addict: Bra Shopping after Weight Loss and More!

Todays Ask the Addict feature comes courtesy of Evija, who frequently graces the blog with her insightful and savvy comments. Evija had several questions for me, and I tried to answer them as best I could. As always, if you have something to add, please dont hesitate to do so in the comments. I love hearing what you all have to say!

Q: Hey Treacle!

Ive noticed youve recently answered quite a bunch of the readers questions, so I thought its about time I submit mine and see whether you can help me!  

1) Almost every lingerie store has bra extenders as their lingerie accessory. But what to do with a band size a bit too big? Ive lost some weight recently and feel that even though all bras still do the support part rather well, Id like the band a bit tighter.  

2) Maybe you could do a post for all the colour freaks all there and post the lingerie sites that allow you to browse by colour? I encountered this when I made a promise to myself buy more green lingerie! and I didnt found much besides Figleaves. Im rather fanatic towards jewel colours and nearly hate the pastels, and frankly, it makes life hard!  

3) Im rather tall (nearly 5 9) and with rather massive legs which isnt too helpful when it comes to finding nylons. So far I have bought only the KMDs Ophelia, and even though I picked size 5, I had the welt a mere 6 inches above my knee, which isnt quite the thing I sought for. And Ive heard the Cervins run even shorter! And StockingsHQ offer only lycra-heavy extra tall stockings.

In other news, I think the new Review Wednesday is a rather neat idea, cant wait to see more!

Best wishes,

A: Hi Evija!  Thanks for writing. Ill answer your questions in the order youve given them above.

1) There are a few different ways to handle a too-large band size. In order of least to most time-consuming, you could try sewing extra hook-and-eye closures onto the band and cutting away the excess. You could also take the bra to a seamstress or tailor who could professionally take in the band for you. Or (and this is the option Im most in favor of) you could just scrap your old bras and start afresh. I know thats hard to do, especially when you might have to toss your favorites, but chances are that your weight loss has changed more than just your band size. I recommend going in for a professional bra fitting, and then treating yourself to a brand new lingerie wardrobe!

2) Unfortunately, when it comes to browsing lingerie by color, the only store I know of that allows that is the same one you already use Figleaves. Im afraid youll have to search for jewel tones the old-fashioned way.

3) As a long-legged 58 gal, I empathize with your hosiery plight. The store that Ive found has the best stockings selection, in terms of height, weight, color, and style, is Check them out and tell me what you think!

Got a lingerie question you want answered by an expert? Just send a note over to I read every e-mail, and I try to answer them all too!

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Author: Cora Harrington