Ask the Addict: Pretty Bras for Bigger Busts?

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Todays Ask the Addict feature comes courtesy of Shinxy who writes,


My boobs have been going on a growth spurt for about a year now, Im now at least a 34E, and theyre still growing.

Where can I buy sexy, preferably cheap, bras for someone with a small rib measurement but large cup size?

I can only seem to find plus size bras in my cup size, but when I do find bras in my exact size, theyre often unattractive. I dont mind plain, but beigeВ or whiteВ with no detail whatsoever is unappealing to me.


Hi Shinxy,

Thanks so much for writing! Ive done some research and, just as you said, its hard to find small band/large cup size bras that are inexpensive, attractive, and available in more colors than black, brown, or white.

I dont know much about your specific tastes, but I did try to pull up a few bras that arent basic, that come in your size, and sell for less than $50. Tell me what you think?В 


В Fantasie Helena Balcony Bra $39.60 В Midnight Grace Starburst Balconette Bra $40.00 Gossard French Fancy Plunge Bra $42.00 Butterfly Blue Botanic Satin Bra $37.50 Pour Moi Flirt Padded Bra $27.00 Alegro Floral Jewel Balconette Bra $47.00 And Im pleased to report that Shinxy had the following to say the next day: Hey Treacle,

These are perfect! Thank you so much!

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Author: Cora Harrington