Bracli Lingerie A/W 2013

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Ever since Laura wrote a review of Bracli lingerie a few months ago, its gone on to become one of our most popular posts. Apparently, a lot of people are interested in pearl thongs. Invented in Spain by Luis Alvarez and patented since 1996, the Bracli pearl thong is one of the most unique (and infamous!) items of lingerie in the intimate apparel industry. Unlike many of the cheap imitations on the market today, the original garment uses authentic Mallorcan pearls, which are a special type of artificial pearl manufactured on the island of Majorca. They are known for having a closer resemblance to natural pearls than most any other human-made kind of pearl.

The word Bracli, though it may sound a bit strange to English-speaking ears, comes from combination of the words braga (spanish for underwear) and clitoris, a none-too-subtle reference to the part of the body the pearls are meant to rest upon. Unlike many other lingerie brands that attempt to sidestep the sex appeal factor (at least in America), Bracli embraces it wholeheartedly, frequently referencing the erotic appeal of the pearl strand and its ability to stimulate the wearer no matter shes doing during the day. And while we dont spend a lot of time talking about the bedroom or boudoir appeal of lingerie, I believe this is definitely an item where such a frame of mind applies (and by the by, how awesome would this look in a boudoir photoshoot?).

Both bras and thongs start at $74.00 and a babydoll + thong set starts at $139.49. As for the size range, Braclis pearl thongs and babydolls are available in sizes Small through Plus (fitting US dress sizes 0 thru 16) while their bras and chemises are available in sizes Small through Large (fitting band sizes between 30 thru 42 and dress sizes up to 12).

What do you think of Braclis lingerie collection? Would you ever try a pearl thong?










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Author: Cora Harrington