The Myth of The Perfect Breast, Part 1: From Bandeaus to Bullet Bras


Victorias Secret Perfect Shape Bra

Vintage-inspired lingerie is all over the market right now, from 1950s-inspired lace and tassels to high-cut 80s-style bodysuits, but the most popular bras from mainstream manufacturers in the US disregard the silhouettes of the past and create just one shape: globular. Personal preference aside, American …

Do Bras Prevent Breast Sagging?

A few weeks ago, while I was on vacation, a controversial new study out of France took over the internet. After 15 years of studying 320 women, French scientist Jean-Denis Rouillon found that wearing a bra actually makes womens breasts saggier, a condition known medically as ptosis.

Bras and …