YsГ© Lingerie: Delightful Spring Bras for Small Busts

Yse Lingerie A l

When we introduced YsГ© Lingerie nearly a year ago, we talked about how the small bust community is terrifically underserved. While sadly there remain very few brands that design specifically for A cups, Im happy to report that this beautiful French brand just keeps getting better. YsГ© Lingeries S/S 2015 …

Ask the Addict: Where Can I Find 30A Bras?

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2012 marks the return of Ask the Addict. Ask the Addict is real questions from real readers just like you. Want to submit a question? You can ask me via e-mail, or send me a message on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

Todays question comes …

Lingerie Sale Spotlight: Small Bust Bras

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The second lingerie sale spotlight for this month focuses on small bust bras. As Sweets of Sweet Nothings mentioned recently, bra size categories like small bust and full bust are fraught with identity politics, making it difficult to come up with a list of …