10 Vintage Bras on Etsy

If youre looking to add to your vintage bra collection, or maybe purchase your first one, here is a list of 10 vintage bras weve found on Etsy. Take a look, and click the links or pictures to be taken to the pages. Enjoy.

Vintage Vassarette Hollywoood Temptress Bra, $30.03, …

Vintage Style Bras For Large Cup Sizes: A Quest

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Alice Bra by Goddess

Alice Bra by Goddess

Ive spent the past year getting more and more involved with vintage and vintage reproduction clothes, as well as the vintage fashion community. At this point my daily wardrobe is made up of almost entirely vintage reproduction dresses, so in …

Historical Lingerie and Corset Dressing Sequence Lace Embrace

Last week, I posted about my trip to the Lace Embrace Antique Corset Exhibition and Historical Fashion Show. Just before this years fashion show, Melanie Talkington, the founder of Lace Embrace, also did an antique lingerie dressing sequence typical of a woman during the Edwardian period. I filmed the entire …