Finding the One: Why I Love Triumphs Amourette Bra

Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by Triumph Lingerie.

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Im not quite sure when exactly it happened, but somewhere between the ages of 25 and 30, comfort began to matter a lot more to me. Almost overnight, it seems, I couldnt stand cheap shoes or sticky lipglosses or itchy tags in my shirts. If what I wore wasnt comfortable, then, in my opinion, it wasnt worth wearing at all. And since so much of womens fashion seems to be predicated on the idea that you should be uncomfortable, I found myself getting rid of quite a lot of what I owned. Because truly, what is the point of clothing if youre so miserable you can barely think straight?

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Interestingly enough, within this same period of time, I also discovered the Triumph Amourette. As far as industry names go, Triumph wasnt a new label to me. I knew they had German roots, and were founded in 1886. I also knew they had more than 1,000 stores in 120 countries. However, as a relative newcomer to the world of US intimate apparel, I just hadnt had the opportunity to try one yet. Eventually, a conveniently timed sale and my overwhelming curiosity combined to get an Amourette in my hands, and well, lets just say I became an instant fan.

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As the disclosure says at the top, this a sponsored post, so I can understand if you approach my endorsement with a bit of skepticism. After all, you wouldnt exactly expect me to say I dislike the bra. However, I can say I purchased my first Amourette months before I was ever approached for this campaign, and I can also say that part of the reason I was so excited to do this promotion with Triumph is because I relished the opportunity to talk about a product Id bought before, with my own money, that I genuinely fell in love with.

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The Amourette isnt Triumphs flashiest bra (that distinction would likely go to something from their Helena Christensen collection), but it is the perfect example of a flagship bra that delivers on its promises. With an incredibly wide range of sizes (32-44 bands and A-K cups), a beautiful selection of on-trend colors, and sturdy, easy to wash Galloon lace, the Amourette is meant to be a wardrobe staple, that ever-elusive (but necessary for so many) daily wear bra. Available in wirefree, unlined, and padded styles, theres a version for all preferences. Yet what every Triumph Amourette has in common is that world-famous soft stretch lace to help keep everything in place comfortably, combined with expertly tailored cups that seem to shape and mold the bust almost effortlessly (or at least, thats how it feels, which is a sign of good construction). With an ideal fusion of fit and design, the Amourette has definitely earned its place as Triumphs iconic and most recognized design.

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If youre new to Triumph and the Amourette, take a look at their site dedicated to Finding the One. You can also visit my personal Triumph Find the Onepage to read an interview with me or take a look at my video discussing the Amourette, embedded below.

Have you tried Triumphs Amourette before? If so, what did you think?

Author: Cora Harrington