Lingerie Lust Objects: Fleur du Mal Poppy Lace Triangle Bra Set


Fleur du Mal made waves in the lingerie industry around this time last year with a lavish launch party, but I havent heard much about them since. Usually that kind of silence means a brand is just spinning its wheels, but in Fleur du Mals case, theyve expanded from a lingerie line into a full ready to wear line, featuring apparel and accessories in addition to lingerie. While this leather A-line skirt would look divine in my closet, Im also thinking this Poppy lace bra set would look pretty sweet in my chest of drawers. Im a huge fan of bralettes, theyre comfy and effortless, and the Leavers lace on this tap panty is just divine.

Of course, since this set is a weekly lust object, Im sure youve guessed its also pretty pricey. The bra retails for $95 and is available in sizes XS thru L, and the knicker retails for $95 and is also available in sizes XS thru L (though only XS and M are still available). Im not sure if Ill try Fleur du Mals lingerie anytime soon, but Ill definitely keep an eye on them.

Have you heard anything about this brand lately? Were you even aware they existed?

Author: Cora Harrington