Lingerie Lust Objects: Myla Compelling Lace Halterneck Bra

myla compelling lace white halterneck bra

Though I used to be a tremendous fan of Myla (in fact, some of the bras I purchased from there years ago were in my regular rotation until they fell apart), I admit to not having paid much attention to them lately. They were still coming out with pretty designs, its true, its just that none of their products felt particularly compelling. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, pretty just isnt enough to grab a potential customers lingering attention. Theres lots of pretty out there now.

myla compelling lace black halterneck bra

So imagine my surprise when I stopped by their site for my one of my semi-annual, whats new visits and came across this gorgeous confection, the Compelling Lace Halterneck Bra. I dont know if Myla has hired a new designer or what, but this bra (along with several other pieces, like the Dainty Embroidery Plunge and the Floral Embroidery Basque) are the most exciting pieces Ive seen come out of Myla in ages.

myla dainty embroidery nonpadded plunge

The Dainty Embroidery Plunge and Compelling Lace Halterneck bras in particular reveal a level of elegant sophistication and creativity that I believe the luxury space can always use more of. Theres no seaming, no darting just copious amounts of beautiful materials. And can we talk about how neither style is reflective of this whole strappy, bondage, harness trend thats going on right now? Were living in an era where it seems like every brand is trying to capitalize on the codes of kink and fetish style, kudos to Myla for going in a more romantic direction.

What do you think of these bras? And have you been by Mylas website lately?

Author: Cora Harrington