Lingerie of the Week: Comfort Choice Lace Bra


One of the most frequent issues I hear regarding plus size lingerie, both on my blog and on other blogs that cover the subject, is that what the industry thinks of as plus size doesnt go high enough. While a 40 band bra and 1X panty is technically the start of plus sizing in intimate apparel (and a company that makes up to 3X or 4X is seen by many as doing a good job in the lingerie industry), that still leaves out plenty of plus sized customers. And we havent even touched on the attractiveness factor of undergarments in higher size ranges, often, its lacking completely (which is a nice way of saying some of the stuff is just plain ugly). Though Im not a plus size blogger, I try to keep an eye out for brands that are pushing the limit of whats out there for plus size lingerie not just in terms of the actual size range offered, but also in how it looks.


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I ran across todays bra earlier this week via Twitter, and I quite like it. No, its not a super glamorous, ultra sexy, cutting edge kind of bra, but it is a nice, pretty everyday bra. And it offers another option in what is honestly a super small field of plus sized bras. Though the Comfort Choice Lace Bra starts at a 36B, it goes all the way up to 54G, and is available in five different colorways: white, beige, turquoise, rose, and brown. Its also a good price at around $49.99 (though its on sale for a bit less right now), and new customers can even get a 30% off coupon by signing up for Full Beautys newsletter list. In addition, there are 365 on-site reviews for this particular bra, so you can get an ever better sense of how (or even if) itll work for you. Full Beauty isnt a lingerie site Id really paid attention to before, but now I think Ill have to give them a closer look.

What do you think of the Comfort Choice Lace Bra? Is it the sort of style youd wear for everyday?

Author: Cora Harrington