Lingerie of the Week: Naked Sports Bra

Now that Ive gotten back into a regular exercise routine, I have a renewed interest in sports bras. Im not really into wearing my sports bra as a shirt, but I do love having something bright and colorful beneath my workout clothes. Call it whatever you want, but exercise is just a bit more fun in a hot pink bra. Unfortunately, my sports bras, while functional, arent terribly fashionable. And they certainly dont incorporate any of the elements I enjoy in my regular bras.

Perhaps thats why I like the Naked Sports Bra so much its top half is sheer, and I loooove sheer lingerie. Naked Sports Gear (the company that makes the Naked Sports Bra) is supposed to be about minimizing tan lines, but I dont really care about all that. I just think this bra is really pretty to look at. And I have a feeling those happy, vibrant colors will make my workouts a ton more enjoyable.

Naked Sports Bra are $42.00 and are available in sizes S thru XL.

Author: Cora Harrington