Lingerie Review: Sofia Sokoloff Midnight Bra Panty

Note: I purchased this lingerie with my own money. Sofia Sokoloff Lingerie is unaffiliated with this review.

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Based in Montreal, Quebec, Sokoloff Lingerie is part of a new school of Canadian designers which include Fortnight Lingerie and Ohhh Lulu. I first ran across Sokoloffs pieces about a year ago and was impressed by their youthful, sunny vibe. If you follow TLA regularly, you may also recall that I included Sofia Sokoloffs work in this seasons lingerie trend report.

I was very excited about trying this new brand, not just because I liked the idea of metallic gold lingerie, but also because I believe its important to support indie designers (after all, as Ive mentioned before, the independent side of the industry is where a lot of the innovation happens).

The material for this bra set is metallic gold mesh. I wouldnt say the fibers themselves are golden, instead a neutral beige mesh seems to be covered in gold foil. Theres no lining on either the inside of the panty (save for the gusset) or the inside of the bra cups. However, the gore for the bra is lined with black mesh. Elastic and thread are also black. Since the product description indicated sizes run small, I ordered a size 36C bra and a size XL panty.

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My first impression of the mesh material is that its very bright and very fun. I dont see a lot of lingerie brands working with metallics now, so Sofia Sokoloff aboslutely stands out on that account. However, my second impression is that the material is a bit rough. Somewhere between highly textured and just plain scratchy. I felt highly aware of the material on my skin, especially for the bra. It would have been nice to have had at least some partial lining on the inside of the cups. The fabric was also incredibly stretchy. Stretch isnt usually the sort of thing I notice in my undergarments, but I was genuinely surprised at how much give this material has (and how it doesnt really bounce back fully after stretching). Im no textile expert, but Im not sure if thats a good thing. Im worried the fabric may be too stretchy and too flimsy to hold up to multiple washings.

I was very glad I sized up in the panty, a large would have been too small on my backside. I didnt find the mesh to be very breathable, especially over the course of the day, and for both the panty and the bra, I noticed flecks of gold on my skin after only about 15 minutes of wear. Again, this makes me question the quality and durability of the material. Is the gold going to eventually flake off completely? And if its already starting to leave dust on my skin, how long will that process take? While the panties were mostly comfortable, they did feel cut a little oddly on the inner thigh area. I had a lot of loose and excess fabric rolling up in my lap. It was a very strange sensation of both feeling like these knickers were the right size (or even a bit small) for my back, but about a size too large for my front.

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I would say the bra, however, gave me the most trouble. After wearing it a few times, Im not sure if the issues are a matter of patterning and construction (not to mention the super stretchy material) or if Im just in the wrong size for this brand. I couldnt get the gore to tack (it lifts up at the bottom), and I honestly think the gore is too high for this bra. The underwires as well are very high and wide, it just feels like theres too much wire. I also had a lot of excess room in the cups to the point that theyre kind of baggy and puckering as you can see in the photo above. And, as I noted up earlier in this review, the material just doesnt feel good against my breasts, after a few hours of wear, the mesh began feel itchy and scratchy, which is really not okay.

Im by no means a stickler for bra fit, but even I had to admit that my breasts are just more or less hanging out in the cups. Its also incredibly unusual for me to feel itchiness or discomfort from lingerie materials (my skin has never been what others would characterize as sensitive), however, it was a trial to wear this bra for my minimum of three times before writing this review. And while it may very well get softer the more I wash it, Im also concerned the mesh will be completely stretched out of shape and/or devoid of any gold foil by the time that happens.

I like the idea of this bra set, and I really wanted to like this brand. While I dont enjoy giving less-than-glowing reviews, between the sizing and fit issues (for both the bra and the panty) and my concerns about the fabric, I think Ill have to adopt a wait and see attitude about Sokoloff for the next few seasons. Its not unusual for designers to have some kinks to work out in their first collections. Patterns have to be tweaked. Fabrics have to be sourced. Customer profiles have to be established. And while I love buying from indies, I feel really hesitant about sending any more money to Sokoloff Lingerie right now. Were I to purchase again, it would probably be a bralette set or a chemise (i.e. something sans underwire) in a basic, uncomplicated, plain black mesh (as opposed to trying another fun fashion color). I really want this brand to succeed, and Im going to keep an eye of them. It just makes me sad that my first experience was so underwhelming.

Have you heard of Sokoloff Lingerie before? What do you think of their style? And do you have any thoughts on the construction of this garment?

Author: Cora Harrington