Lingerie + Technology: Two Brand New Innovations

Curvy Couture Cool Smoothies - Photo taken by me

Curvy Couture Cool Smoothies Photo taken by me

Day in and day out, without much thought, we benefit from lingerie innovations like laser cut, the lifting and shaping fabrics of shapewear, and more. But do we ever think about those innovations work? I know the consumer in me has been really curious about some of the intentional choices designers make to create better products for us. My interest in this was first piqued as after meeting with industry expert, Dora Lau of Curvy Couture, at last summer’s market. Dora is a veteran with decades of experience in design and is always at the forefront of innovations in the industry. As she shared how bonding technology was used to create the seamless brief in her collection, the wheels started turning about how other styles were created.

At the most recent market, I went back to Dora for a tutorial on the latest breakthrough from Curvy Couture. The brand, which accommodates full cup and plus sizes, debuted a breathable shapewear line called Cool Smoothies. The primary piece in this collection is thoughtfully designed to not only smooth and contour, but also keep you cool by utilizing Wincool fabric. Wincool is a moisture-wicking fabric that lowers body heat by one to two degrees. This versatile,В seasonless garment (ideal for spring and summer) is made possible due to thermal conductive minerals being weaved into the yarn. Thermal conductivity is a measure of the ability of a material to transfer heat. So by adding these minerals to the fabric, heat is more efficiently transferred away from the body keeping you cool.В Fascinating!

A detailed look at the material used to make Curvy Couture

A detailed look at the material used to make Curvy Coutures Cool Smoothies utilizing Wincool technology Photo taken by me

In addition to this technology making the piece breathable, the structure is designed without breast coverage, instead scooping around the sides of the breast providing support there. This allows the piece to be worn with any bra making it more accommodating to a wide size range of women.

My curiosity did not end there. After reading Marianne’s review on Empowered by You a while back, I was interested in checking out the brand at market. A seamless thong is my every day go-to, so I was curious about how this one would set itself apart. I was primarily intrigued by the social responsibility component of the line when I went to visit the booth. (If you arent familiar, part of the proceeds for each pair of panties sold funds the Seven Bar Foundation’s microfinance efforts to support underprivileged women on a path to self-sufficiency). After a feel-good moment hearing about that initiative, founder Renata Black, showed me more about the construction of the panty.

Empowered by You - Photo taken by me

Empowered by You Photo taken by me

As mentioned in the review, like other brands, the panty is made from a soft, nylon/spandex blend and is virtually seamless. What stood out to me was the use of a patented flocking technology which aids in keeping the panty in place as you make your way from work to happy hour and home. This prompted me to do some research. What exactly is flocking? How does it work?

Simply stated, flocking is the application of fine fibers on to a substrate (the material on which a process is conducted) coated with an adhesive. Substrates used in flocking go beyond the textiles and fabrics found in lingerie, which is why the technique is also popular in the automotive industry. (This blew my mind, by the way.В I couldnt believe that scientific advances for cars could also be relevant to underwear!)

Empowered by You thong showing details of the velvet-like flocking technology - Photo taken by me

Empowered by You thong showing details of the velvet-like flocking technology Photo taken by me

The print produced by flocking creates a velvet-like surface as I was able to see, feel, and then experience with my pair of Empowered by You panties. The advantage of this technology is not only a decorative appearance and smooth feeling against the skin, but also gripped fibers designed to keep the panty in place making panty different from its competitors. From what I’ve read, the material is durable even through washing, which would also make it ideal if these become your go-to pair with a heavier rotation in your wardrobe. However, I’ve only worn and washed them twice, so only time will prove if they have lasting power.

Id love to know your thoughts on these innovations. Is this as interesting to you as it is to me? Do you want to know more?В What other advances in lingerie technology are of interest?В

Author: Krista