Man Candy – 5 Fashionable Men’s Underwear Brands

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Since the late 19th century, women’s lingerie has served as both a functional and provocative tool to enhance a woman’s figure, helping make her feel more confident, powerful, and beautiful. Today’s billion-dollar industry caters to a wide range of styles, tastes, and personalities, all with the ultimate goal in mind – feminine sex appeal. It has revolutionized the way women’s bodies are perceived and, in turn, gained a massive public following as evidenced by the number of brands, blogs, magazines, and videos dedicated to our love of lingerie.

But let’s be honest. The success of this industry would be nothing without men. Men are the ones who are entranced with our bodies in the first place the reason sexy lingerie was even invented. But in today’s day and age it makes me wonder why doesn’t men’s underwear serve the same function for us ladies as lingerie serves for them?

Men’s underwear (at least in the United States) has never been anything to write home about. Men are notorious for choosing comfort over fashion and tend to neglect their skivvies in favor of alternate sources of expression. But what if we ladies want to catch a glimpse of a little eye candy once in a while? Why are men so hesitant to spice up their underthings for fear of being labeled and judged? I think it’s about time for a slew of more fashionable men’s underwear brands to gain momentum and add a little fun to this humdrum industry.

With that said, I have highlighted five men’s fashion underwear brands below for your enjoyment. Guaranteed to amp up those basic tighty whiteys and plaid boxers, some of these styles are so cute you may even think of stealing them for yourself!

Frank Dandy

Created in Sweden nine years ago, Frank Dandy is known for their vibrant prints and bold colors. This trusted brand is big on comfort, and they pride themselves on their unique styles and quality products. In addition, Frank Dandy has grown to offer a wide selection of women’s undies with equally fresh and fun patterns.

Ginch Gonch

Canadian-based label Ginch Gonch produces an extensive collection of men’s underwear focusing on funky, tongue-in-cheek designs guaranteed to bring the humor back into the bedroom. Their motto “Live Like a Kid!” sums up the look with their colorful prints reminiscent of the Underoos of our youth.

Pull In

Speaking of Underoos is your guy nostalgic for those cartooned undies of the past? If so, then Pull In is sure to appeal to his big kid side. From Spiderman to Spongebob, this French label has been outfitting cartoon lovers and comic book fans alike since 2000. They also offer a large selection of pajamas, swimwear, and accessories to complete the look from head to toe.

James Tudor

James Tudor is a British brand with the knowledge and know-how to outfit today’s man. Their line of stretch cotton underwear is practical enough for everyday wear, but with innovative and functional details that add a fresh take on the basics. Button flies, magnetic closures, and enhanced support make this unique brand a growing favorite among modern men.


Novelty brand Candyman Fashion focuses on sexy men’s underwear and costumes – the perfect counterpart to many women’s lingerie brands today. While many of the styles are a bit extreme and impractical, Candyman still gets props for offering flashy over-the-top styles that you can’t find anywhere else. It definitely takes a real man to pull off a vinyl boxer brief with matching necktie!

How do you feel about high-style men’s underwear? Would your guy be open to fashion underwear or does he prefer to keep it basic?

Author: Kristina