Moving Beyond Bras: 4 Great Entry Points Into the World of Full Bust Friendly Lingerie

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When youre full busted and finally figure out that cute bras come in your size, its easy to become an obsessive bra collector. Once you know your bra size, its relatively simple to find lots of great new pieces that work for you and your figure without lots of searching. However, theres a big wide world of lingerie out there with lots of lingerie and loungewear that looks great on full busted figures of all sizes and shapes. Since loungewear and non-bra lingerie isnt tagged as neatly as bras are, it can be hard to find what will work for you. Today Im focusing on four types of lingerie that tend to work well for full busted women, along with what makes them flattering and where you can find them. Buying lingerie that you adore is ultimately about knowing what you love and what works with your body, but this list should give you a good start if youre thinking about trying something new.

Garter Tanks:

Image via Kriss Soonik

Image via Kriss Soonik

I thought about lumping these in with camisoles below, but garter tanks have become so popular in the last few years that I feel like they deserve their own category. I also love how the garter tank is the perfect fusion of lingerie detailing and wearable shirt. As you can see, the garter tank is basically a tank top with lingerie detailing attached. Most feature bows and garters and often come with additional elements of lace or leather.

So what makes the garter tank perfect for full busted women? If you guessed stretch material, youre right. Most are made from high quality stretch materials that flatter your figure and dont add any extra bulk around your stomach or waist. If youre into the lingerie-as-outerwear look, they slide neatly under skirts or over jeans as well. In addition, many of them have interesting back details like this cutout, which draws attention away from your breasts and makes the look supremely stylish. Garter tanks are being produced by lots of independent lingerie companies these days, so its really a matter of finding the right one for you.


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Robes are lovely, but lots of them can add extra bulk in weird places when youre full busted. Its also hard to find robes that cover enough and stay shut, at least without going up several waist sizes. Luckily, lots of designers are now making robes that are cut to emphasize the waist and bust heavily. Kimono-style robes like this one have fabulously dramatic sleeves and help create an extra flattering silhouette. If youve never looked at silk or satin robes before, start with a basic kimono style in a color you love. With proper care, it will last forever and never go out of style.


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A classic camisole can be both a lingerie and a wardrobe staple. If youre full busted, look for camisoles that have wide enough straps to cover your bra (especially if youre not a fan of strapless bras) and silhouettes that focus on your waistline. If youre having trouble finding camisoles that fit your bust measurement, look for designers who will make made to measure versions of pieces you already like.


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There is a plethora of gorgeous bodysuits out on the market right now that work for lots of different types of figures. If youre looking for comfort, try finding a bodysuit with lots of stretch in a soft fabric. They can look flattering with jeans for casual days, or you can lounge and sleep in them. If you want a bodysuit that works as a sheer blouse, try something like this bodysuit from Sonata. Lots of made to measure companies will custom size bodysuits in non-stretch materials, so dont rule something out that you love just because you dont see your size.

What kind of lingerie works for you and your figure? Have you tried any of these types of options?

Author: Holly Jackson