New Lingerie Addict Videos!: Introducing One-Minute Bra Reviews

Im a little bit under the weather today, but I really wanted to share a brand new video series Im trying out for TLA. One of the things Ive heard a lot over the past year is that you want more video content, so over my winter break I spent some time brainstorming new and (hopefully) better ways to make that happen, and this is the first result.

One-Minute Bra Reviews are where I take a bra from my personal collection and tell you what I think of it in a minute or less.В The first three are of bras by Rosy Lingerie, Von Follies by Dita von Teese, and Little Minx. These were shot the week before my wedding, so Im a bit frazzled, but if you like the concept and want to see more, definitely let me know! All videos are below.

Author: Cora Harrington