Pin Up Week: 7 Must Haves for Every Pin Up Lovers Library

One of the questions Im asked most often aside from how to buy pin-up lingerie is what kinds of books and videos (that arent porn!) pin-up fans can add to their bookshelves and video collections. Its a great question and one I wish Id been able to find the answer to when I was starting my own journey into lingerie addiction. With that in mind, Ive compiled this list of three videos and four books I believe every pin-up fan needs. And in case youre wondering, yes I do own everything on this list!

The Notorious Bettie Page Starring Grechen Moll as the Queen of Pin-up, Bettie Page, this biopic takes a look at the life of an icon. While some complained that the lead doesnt resemble Bettie Page, I think this film does a great job of capturing the sexual, cultural, and political climate of the 1950s.

Bettie Page: Varietease/Teaserama This video double-set of videos features Bettie Page alongside the other great ladies of her day like Tempest Storm and Cherrie Knight. Fans of burlesque, pin-up, striptease, and classic lingerie will love these videos.

The Irving Klaw Classics, Vol. 1-4 The Irving Klaw boxed set consists of four separate videos, each composed of 10 or so short film clips. With videos dedicated to wrestling, fetish, dance, and (of course) Bettie Page, theres something here for every pin-up fan.

1000 Pin-Up Girls I call this book my Pin-up Bible. Everything a lover of the pin-up aesthetic could want is here from vintage magazine covers to saucy pictorials. For only $10, theres endless inspiration here.

Gil Elvgren: All His Glamorous American Pin-Ups If Bettie Page is the Queen of Pin-ups, then Gil Elvgren is its King. From the coquettish poses to the flirtatious facial expressions, no other artist captures the glamour, innocence, and playfulness that is pin-up better than Gil Elvgren.

Vivas Pinups: Bullet Bras and Backseat Betties Much like models, photographers either have it or they dont and Viva definitely has it. Her book of vintage-style pin-ups with a modern twist continues in tradition of pin-up masters like Bunny Yeager and Irving Klaw.

A Serious Study of Mid-20th Century Lingerie As the founder of What Katie Did Lingerie, Katie Halford is one of the worlds foremost experts on vintage, pin-up, and retro lingerie. And she shares her expertise with all of us in this book full of super interesting facts and really pretty pictures.

Photo Credit: Treacle Tart by Viva van Story

Author: Cora Harrington