Plus Size Bra Shopping: Nude Bras for Brown Skin

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Elomis Raquel Side Support in Taupe, band sizes to 44

Ever since the initial launch of Nubian Skin, theres been an increased level of coverage dedicated to brands making undergarments in shades of nude whichВ look natural on a variety of skin tones. In addition to the several pieces on TLA alone (here, here, here, here and here), a quick Google search revealed countless articles on the topic and brands aiming to solve the problem. Ive beenВ very excited about the levelВ of attention the issue and the brands have received, but disappointed that most of the write-ups havent included more options for bras in larger band sizes or mention of the fact that these lines dont include larger sizes. Im finding myself with the sameВ feelings in light of the recent press surrounding theВ launch of Naja, who have branded themselves with the tagline nude for all (up to band size 40). I appreciate the strides towards inclusiveness, but wish to see them occurring simultaneously on multiple fronts.

Description of the Naja

Description of the Najas brand statement.

Ive been equally disappointed by the fact that up until recently, nude bras in my size were only available in one color and the lack of powerful marketing imagery inclusive of fatВ bodies. I personally desire access to have undergarments that could successfully disappear under clothes.

naja lingerie

Promotional Image via Naja Lingerie

Promotional image for Nubian Skin

Promotional image for Nubian Skin

Since my initial disappointment, a few things have changed:

  • Ive read and learned more about smaller businesses in the lingerie industry.В В Learning about the nature of the industry has helped me refine my personal understanding and expectations. What it hasnt done is changeВ the simple fact that there is a demonstrable gap in the market.В I also continue to feel that my bodyВ is afterthought to be tended to after core customers are served or that my body is a financial risk that most brands (big or small) dont feel is worth taking on. I do understand that small brands often have limited resources, so I believe that it is important to also question bigger brands that already create bras in larger band sizes on the lack of a nude undergarments for all ethos.
  • Nubian Skin has extended their band sizing. However, this only extends the brand’s sizes up to a 40, so while this is progress, Im still sized out and the FAQ on their website states that many styles run small in the band. I wouldn’t be able to even attempt to try the line until they expand their sizes. Its worth noting that the brand has launched a plus-size hosiery line but Id rather have a bra than hosiery. I imagine many others would probably feel the same way and while we appreciate the acknowledgement of larger bodies and the commitment to hearing the feedback from prospective customers, I’m continuing to patiently wait my turn for bras and knickers. В If you havent already, please consider taking the survey and requesting larger band sizes.
  • Other larger companies that sell bras in larger band sizes have started producing bras targeted towards those with brown skin. The variety of shades generally isnt as wide as what a brand that specializes in this would offer, but its something. Its also worth noting a huge part of the appeal of brands like Nubian Skin or Naja is getting to see models in a variety of skin colors wear the product. At several points during my search, I realized that the visual marketing component is mostly missing from the a nude for everyone experience in bras available in larger band sizes. Several brands used white models to sell their few lone brown bra options. This is less of the fault of the companies that produce the bras, but the stores that sell them. I would love to see the same imagery the aforementioned brands produce replicated on larger bodies.

With all of this information in the back of my head, I decided to seek out options suitable for me. My only requirements were that the bra was available in at least a 44 band size and that it could function as a nude on skin that is brown. While Im disappointed I couldnt find more options that replicated the aesthetic of brands that carry only smaller bands, I am impressed at the relative rate of growth. Many of the options presented below didnt exist a year or two ago.

Strapless bra from Cacique in French Almond (band sizes to 46)

A strapless bra from Cacique in French Almond.

While I have previously expressed negative feelingsВ about Cacique, there arent enough options elsewhere in this category for me to ignore this option.

Cafe Mocha bra at Cacique (band sizes to 46)

Cafe Mocha bra at Cacique.

The above bra, along with a this option in Cafe Mocha (a color that seems flexible based on the wearer) are the only items that really stood out to me.

Plunge Push-Up bra from Torrid in Cocoa Brown (band sizes up 48)

Plunge Push-Up bra from Torrid in Cocoa Brown (band sizes up 48)

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 9.43.10 AM

Smooth Push-Up Plunge Bra in Tan (band sizes up to 46)

Strapless bra by Torrid in Gingersnap (sold out online, band sizes to 48)

Strapless bra by Torrid in Gingersnap

Torrids offerings are quite promising and if your band size is sold out online, it may be worth checking your local store. I appreciate the variety of colors offered, even if Im a bit disappointed in Torrids choice to not market these bras as nude through their model choice.

An option from Wacoal in Chestnut. (band sizes up to 44, though fit notes at Nordstrom suggest sizing up.)

An option from Wacoal in Chestnut. (band sizes up to 44, though fit notes at Nordstrom suggest sizing up.)

Nordstroms options were limited. The bra above and the Cate by Elomi in a shade called Pecan were my favorites of what was available.

A t-shirt bra from Curvy Couture in the color Cinnamon (band sizes up to 44).

A t-shirt bra from Curvy Couture in the color Cinnamon (band sizes up to 44).

Curvy Couture has a color namedВ Cinnamon that could also work for brown skin. This minimizer braВ in the same color at Bare Necessities is also a viable option.

Cate Side Support bra by Elomi (up to 46 band)

Cate Side Support bra by Elomi (up to 46 band)

Bare Necessities had a few winners as well. In addition to the Raquel by Elomi (featured at the top of the post), I was also fond of this Cate Side support bra in Pecan.

The Keira by Goddess in Chocolate (band sizes up to 46).

The Keira by Goddess in Chocolate (band sizes up to 46).

While this bra by Goddess from HerRoom.comВ isnt my favorite from an aesthetic standpoint, the rich color and band sizing made it worthy of mentioning.

Natori Plus Size bra in Brunette (band sizes up to 44)

Natori Plus Size bra in Brunette (band sizes up to 44)

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of options I found on Amazon. While some of these items were found elsewhere, Amazon had sizes in stock that were sometimes unavailable at other retailers. While this option from Natori was my favorite, I also found options up to band size 48 (this one by Glamorise and this one by Elomi), band size 50 (this one by Bali) and one at a very budget friendly price point (band size up to 44).

Trying on a nude for me - Lane Bryant

Trying on a nude for me Lane Bryants French Almond

I ended up deciding to try the bra from Cacique as it was one of the options that suited my personal preferences more. Im pretty happy with the color, but Im not sure that this will be a permanent solution for me. I definitely wish that there were more options available, especially options that are a bit sleeker in appearance. I was also surprised by the relative popularity of bras in this shade range that were minimizer bras. Do you feel the need to have a nude bra? What styles would you like to see in colors like these? How would you feel if someone made a line of nudes for all style bras exclusively in larger bands?


Author: Ariel