Reviewed: Blush Lingeries Spellbound Polka Dot Bra Set

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Blush Lingeries Spellbound bra and panty is the lingerie set of the season. Perfectly capturing the vintagey, Bridgette Bardot-inspired look of Spring lingerie this year, its also a reasonably affordable set with the bra retailing around $38 and the panty around $28. Cheeky, fun, playful, and very, very pin-up, Blush Lingerie is a brand trying to make lingerie style accessible to every woman.

I sampled the strapless longline bra and high waist brief (pictured both above and below) in sizes 34C and Large, respectively. The material is a thin, kind of slippery, printed, satin-feel nylon. The bra has molded two-part cups, and the panty (which comes to just beneath the navel) has a keyhole back. The dots are navy blue, and both the bra and panty are accented with coral ribbons. Both pieces are available from Dollhouse Bettie and Anthropologie.

Heres the five-second verdict: Blush Lingeries Spellbound is great for bedroom (i.e. short term) use, but not for all day wear. The bra didnt fit properly which made this set unbearably uncomfortable after only a few hours of wear.

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What was the problem? The bra refused to tack. If youre unfamiliar with that term, tacking is when the bridge of the bra (the bit of fabric that joins the cups together) lies flat between your breasts, resting directly directly on top of your sternum. Its so important, that its one of the 3 ways to tell if your bra is fitting properly. If a bra doesnt tack, that means its not giving stable support to your breasts. That instability makes the band, the cups, and everything else shift, move, and wiggle about. In short, you wind up having to adjust your bra all day long.

via: Dollhouse Bettie

When Im testing a garment to review on the blog, I usually wear it several times over the course of a few weeks. That gives me a better impression of how the garment fits over a long period of time (after all, a bra thats fine after one wear may not be not so fine after three or four) and also to see how the lingerie holds up to regular use, including how it fits after washing. But this bra made my breasts so sore after a single eight-hour stretch, I couldnt bring myself to wear it again.

The price point and print alone would have made this set a must-buy, if only it fit properly. Ive worn Blush Lingerie before, and the bras did fit then, so Im hoping this is a one-off issue. I will say the trendy pattern and relatively affordable price still make this a set to purchase, especially if you have a boudoir photo shoot coming up or are looking for something fun to try out in the bedroom. Just dont wear it too long, or you may regret it.

Have you tried Blush Lingerie before? What did you think of it?

Author: Cora Harrington