Introducing Sophie Hines: Soft Bras With An Edge

Sophie Hines 22

Sophie Hines is a brand new Etsy find. Her soft bras and crop tops are an intriguing play of opposites strong lines paired with plush fabrics, unfussy femininity paired with tomboy appeal, and effortless comfort paired with on-trend details.

These structural, strappy bralettes are unique from others on the market …

An Introduction to the Bralette

Lilipiache - Sweet Pea Bralette

Lilipiache Sweet Pea Bralette

The beauty of the bralette is that its lightweight, soft, and easy to wear but best of all, it has no underwires. While many women find underwire bras necessary in their daily lives, abandoning them can bring about a sense of freedom and empowerment. Even if …